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Gold Country Inn 24 X 16
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Backcountry Living 28 x 20
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Palace Pagoda 30 x 24
Church on Glennies Creek Rd 40 x 28
The Corner Lot 30 x 20
Remote Living 28 x 20
Off the Grid 30 x 20
John's Place 30 x 20
Hard Times 28 x 20
Grandpa's Shed 28 x 30
Full House 28 x 20
Dugout 28 x 20
Corner Store 28 x 20
Bob's Barn28x20
Ancient Condos 30 x 20
Abandoned 30 x 20
The Old Farmhouse 30 x 20

East Fork 60 x 20

East Fork 60" x 20"
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This monolithic rock towers above the east fork of the Virgin River. We can see some of the rivers course on the right hand side as it meanders along its twisted course, heading to join with its companion river in Zion Canyon. The river flows among diverse scenery along its path, here the canyon is only a moderate slope; whereas just down stream it travels through a steep canyon, where it is impossible to climb. The rock face above displays all the colors found in these areas. Rocky Mountain sheep roam this area and can be seen in large herds, if the hiker is fortunate.

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